Everything comes from the earth” (Senofane).

I want to start my article with a quote of greek philosopher Senofane to introduce one of the most important and influential figure of the Italian and international world: BRUNELLO CUCINELLI            

Things to do in life: to meet Brunello Cucinelli. Done  . In my hometown, Policoro. For me Mr. Cucinelli has always been a role model, an example of one who has done it thanks to his ability and his perseverance. Despite his many responsabilities, he agreed to take part in the municipal assembly of a small town of Lucania and take part in the debate on constitutional reform in the referendum. 

I had actually see the human side of a successful businessman, that the world envies us. A sunny person, positive, smart, modest, humorous, with a great culture and an attentive listener.  


He grew up in a small town in Umbria, and it’s in Umbria that the roots of his fortune are rooted. Solomeo, a small village near Corciano, is the main center of business activity. But not only. Thanks to his huge support this small village has become the center of culture and art thanks to the construction of the "Forum of the Arts", which includes the Biblioteca Aureliana, il Ginnasio, the amphitheater and the theater; but at the same time it’s the symbol of Italian craftsmanship, thanks to the birth of "Scuola di Solomeo di Arti e Mestieri"

 He comes from a family of simple farmers, his father worked in a factory. In an interview, talking about his father, who was often humiliated and insulted in the factory, he says "his work was really hard but he didn’t complain about the hardness of the work or the lowest wage that he had. From that moment I began to wonder:" what is human dignity? Man needs the dignity more than he needs bread”. 

Besides being a successful businessman, he has always shown a deep sensitivity to the "human" morality and great respect for the "dignity of labor and land." With an innate naturalness manages to reconcile the two sides of the same coin. What's his secret? Philosophy. As he has often repeated "philosophers help you to raise your head and see the world in a better way. Respect the human being and you will feel better. The real human being distress, no matter he’s Italian, American or Chinese, is the soul distress, the malaise of the soul. Today this is much stronger than the days when my father or my grandfather were young. I‘d somehow cure this uneasiness of the soul, even for young people working in my business, because ultimately you can be rich but still feel uncomfortable. " 

From my point of view, Brunello Cucinelli’s great ability was to be able to convey very firmly the values he believes in the work he does. In relation to his business, we all know that his business is publicly traded and that more than 50% of investors are American shareholders. But despite this, the KING OF CASHMERE has always wanted to preserve the quality and craftsmanship of his products at the highest level, becoming the successful man he is today. He himself says that, before the listing, addressing the shareholders, said: "If you look for a company that grows rapidly, makes disproportionate profits too quickly don’t invest in us. Do you want a company that will grow gracefully, which allows its suppliers to grow with it, so that craftsmen too can grow along with the company's workforce? Then invest in us. I like to be quick as a person, but I do not like to do things quickly and without thinking. I’ve tried to handle the US market as if it was an internal market, similar to the European one. I talk to the Dallas boutique staff in the same way that I turn to the boutique staff of Venice”

 “We must believe in the human being, in the creativity of a company. Everything is based on the respect and the respect generates creativity " 

(Brunello Cucinelli).