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I want to talk you about is an special place which has became a “must” every Friday evening. it’s the “Tales & Spirits”, one of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam, a small hidden jewel between Singel and Spuistraaat.

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Hello!Today I want to talk you about a phenomenon that is very fashionable nowadays : they are the gastronomic markets in Spain , specifically in two of the largest cities there are two highlights:

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As regards to eating and drinking, that the Spaniards know much ! especially in a city like Barcelona where the choices are endless . I was lucky enough to live there for almost two years and tried almost every option, it’s why it is really difficult to make a small selection but later you ‘ll discover my little secret in the Condal capital :

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Which of you has ever seen this program?

I’m sure that while you may not be great lovers of “haute cuisine” at some point you have stopped to see this highly successful program worldwide!
Before analyzing the reasons for its success, I will give you an introduction of the program’s inception :

It is a program – kitchen franchise created by Franc Roddam which originated with the UK version in July 1990. The format was revived and updated by the BBC in February 2005. In 2009, format was newly developed in Australia where it was transformed into the current adjustment program . The success of the new Australian development led after the international success of the format.


The format has been exploited around the world under the same logo “Master Chef ” and is now produced in more than 40 countries and aired in at least 200 territories like Spain , Italy, Argentina , France, Canada , Colombia etc ..

Worldwide , this format has had four different versions: the main series ” ” MasterChef “”; MasterChef : Professionals for professional chefs ; Celebrity MasterChef , with the shares of well-known celebrities as contestants ; and Junior MasterChef , an organization created and child-friendly version, which was originally developed in 1994 and has also recently proliferated outside the UK . In 2012 , Australia created a fifth version called MasterChef All- Stars, with participants from earlier versions that would raise money for charity.



The program aims to find the best amateur chef in the country with many challenges in which contestants will test their knowledge and skill in the kitchen.

Hetal, Veronica, and Jesse are all at risk of being sent home.
Hetal, Veronica, and Jesse are all at risk of being sent home.

Gordon Ramsay, MasterChef made in USA

Everything is done in the US is big and MasterChef US is no less . The American version is one of the biggest TV shows , with amazing outdoor exciting tests and a jury of exception.

In front of this , Gordon Ramsay, chef , restaurateur and showman who has 16 Michelin stars. Soon he will repeat with Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich experts from the fourth edition of the program in the US.


Whitney Miller was the first MasterChef Fox . At only 22 he published a book on simple and typical of South America with a modern touch recipes. Meanwhile, Jennifer Behm , the winner in 2011 , has her own catering company , Pink Martini.

Australia and France

In Australia and France , MasterChef has been the revelation program every season , getting screen quota of 70% in the final episodes .
Adam Liaw , the winner of the second installment of MasterChef Australia , is a very popular figure in his country. Liaw has the Destination Flavour kitchen and tourism program . He also owns a Japanese restaurant .


But … and the reason of all this success?

With the increase in the speed of our lifestyle , the incorporation of women into the world of work , the increase of restaurants and fast food franchises or prepared dishes, take- aways or deliveries , cooking weekday has become almost impossible, simply we do not have the time or inclination to get down to preparing dishes before or after work .

More and more people felt identified with each other with the kitchen , the programs are the link. As a hobby it is, we better every day , improve our skills and learn all about it : recipes, ingredients, techniques and new terms.
This is where lies the success of MasterChef , a program in which the protagonists are not professional chefs , for the first time , but people who are passionate about cooking, they see it like a hobby were and who inspire us with their and wrongs of new dishes that we could develop.


“Foodie” Revolution

Foodie is one person who loves cooking, it is up to date regarding developments, has passion for bio / organic and gourmet, frequents the most hidden places in your city. They have become a kind of influencers with high profile on the Internet and move thousands of consumers who rely on their opinions, increasing more so the mass of people interested in cooking shows and talent shows.


They are critical , have exquisite taste and know by heart the appropriate points in meat and fish, and if they are not well treated in a restaurant, they will complain writing a negative review on Twitter, where you can do too much damage to business. Always accompanied by a smartphone with which to capture the design of the dishes that will taste, style “food porn” and then discuss their impressions on Instagram, the social network they use most.